• Sensocure Sensocure
    A complete system for detecting ischemia
  • Sensocure sensor prototype Sensocure sensor prototype
    1 mm width

Sensocure AS develops biomedical sensors for healthcare.

The main product under development is IscAlert™, a CO2 sensor designed for the earliest possible detection of ischemia.

Ischemia is a condition where the cells do not get enough oxygen to survive because of inadequate blood supply. Ischemia occurs in the form of myocardial infarction, stroke or complications after operations and accidents, and is considered the most common disease and cause of death in the Western world.

If ischemia is detected early enough, the damage can be reversed and tissue saved. IscAlert detects ischemia at a very early stage by measuring the partial pressure of carbon dioxide in a body (a universal indicator of good blood supply is).